Speedfactory: An interactive datalab for URBAN runners


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An interactive promotion for Adidas in London, Paris & NeW york

Out of Adidas' rapid manufacturing lab came the AM4, a new running shoe custom made for six global cities.

To promote their innovation process, Resn created the Speedfactory: an interactive datalab, where runners can track and collect their data in preparation for a future of personalized shoes.

Five interactive installations: a treadmill, photo booths, kinect tracking, interactive shoe and a 3D foot scanner are housed in a custom structure made of shipping containers. For the launch of the shoes, it travelled to London, Paris, New York, LA, Shanghai and Tokyo

As a senior coproducer, I was tasked to get the interactives built within six weeks.
• Expanding and managing the team, consisting of Resn’s in house designers and developers, five additional freelance creative technologists, and many hardware suppliers.
• Communication with the client: four different departments at Adidas.
• Purchasing and tracking hardware
• On-site installation support in LDN, PAR, NYC.
• Keeping everybody alive and happy through development and installation.

After the initial installations in LDN and PAR, I worked with Resn to create all the materials for the NYC & LA drops, including additional videos and installations. As well as an off-shoot for Adidas Outdoor.

Photos by Sodium Films


this project was created AS PART OF the  resn team.

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