Design management consultancy

proCESS improvements
360° stakeholder review
ecosystem report

As a design management consultant, I combine:
• Years of experience working with many different teams and organizations
• A natural instinct for identifying problems, and finding solutions
• A knack for planning and prioritization, streamlining and simplifying
• A deep curiosity for what makes people, teams, clients, users and organizations tick
• And a love for optimising processes: so that teams can perform at their best, clients are happy, and users get the best result.

Embedded in the organization, I use tools and my experience in User Research, Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Lean Development, Communications, and Project Management to identify areas of improvement, and implement changes.

Optimizing Teams & Streamlining Processes: Helping management identifying areas for improvement within teams, creating workshops, guidelines, and streamlining processes..
360° Review: A deep dive into the organization, its users, clients and competitors to improve existing processes and identify new areas of business.