UX Design & concepT

Information architecture
user journeys
flow charts
Content mapping
Content strategy
Roadmap planning

The challenges I tackle are diverse: To get kids excited about nature and technology, to activate museum visitors to 'see' what the artist saw and did, to allow sociologists to research and work collaboratively, or to improve the quality of care for people suffering from brain injuries.

Whether it's online, on mobile or in a space: It all starts with an idea, but the true success lies in the details: the text, shapes, icons and images that guide a user through the experience, and makes them want to come back.

A good UX design makes the experience not just easy to use, but enlightening and engaging as well. A good design is exciting, and makes you happy to be using a product or service. In my designs, I strive to create experiences that are seamless, enlightening and improve the ways we live and learn.