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how can we improve The rehabilitation of people with Acquired brain damage?


• feasibility study
• Prototype development
• prototype tests
• expert interviews
• user interviews
• analysis
• Digital strategy



A feasibility study of the brainrehab platform

Background The treatment of patients with acquired brain damage differs greatly between countries, and between care facilities. It often takes years for the results of the latest medical studies to reach practitioners in the field.

The Brainrehab foundation set out to close this knowledge gap by creating an online platform to share results of the latest medical research and best practices. 

In the feasibility study we created a prototype, and tested it with experts, management and practitioners to answer three questions:
• Resources: What are the resources required to set up the platform and keep it up to date?
Keeping in mind the time required from editors and outside partners, development and marketing budgets, and editor skillset.
• Effect: What is the best way to keep practitioners up-to-date about the latest developments? How can the platform be integrated into their day-to-day practice?
• Impact: Is the proposed platform the best investment to improve the rehabilitation of people with acquired brain damage?


This project was a collaboration with  fast facts commissioned by the brainrehab foundation


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