how can we crowdsource our sociology research?


• iterative development planning
• roadmap development
• paper-prototyping
• user-testing
• IXd Recommendations
• analysis



iterative development of tool for  sociology research

Whereas there are many crowd-sourcing tools for  quantitative sociological research, there are few ways for sociologists to crowdsource answers to their qualitative research. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam wanted to make this possible.

Through a paper prototyping session, we tested the methods, and defined the required basic functionality for the first digital prototype of the research tool.

In a second round of end-user-testing, the tool was tested by sociologists, and non-researchers.
This resulted in insights on several levels

  • UX: Are the flow of the tool and the interface elements clear to users?
  • Users: Do users understand the questions and the methodology? And do they feel invested
  • Research: How does having multiple users affect the research outcome?
  • Impact: Does the tool allow sociologists to conduct valuable qualitative research?

The insights from the tests are currently being brought into a next round of development.


digital prototype design and development by uncinc


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